Thursday, November 01, 2007

no, no still alive

undefeated too! The problem? well lest just say that life took over and has a contract that I am not being paid nearly enough to fulfill. Okay so there is no" all is quiet on the western front".

At lest Farmwife and Inkling got to spend time together.

Ang and I have no state lines parting us...her life and mine are busy...head spinning crazy busy.

Me? Oh I have learned to wire in all the plug ins as well as the light rockers and three way lights, run lines in conduit and a few other dandy tricks that Bruno I am sure will enjoy knowing his goonbalina has taken too.

Things that have been wreaking havoc on my mine?

I still ten months later have to go to the laundry mat....

I can get the custom cabinets installed just as soon as I get the old ones out.

Let me tell you the install is far easier over all then uninstalling.

When I was young there was only four types of aspirin at the local Lucky store.

i do not get most people....good? not good? who knows?

I have more paperwork then the county to file and deal with.

I have no perfect fit....(never mind)

and Daizy is a little crazy ( happy? ding bat? or just so relieved that she has the fun farm to live at at( or is it funny farm?)

Bruno will come home to repair the 2nd contractors screw ups....yes the second one too blew it as well....this is no surprise....and one would think that we (Bruno & I ) are at the end of the tolerance rope.

If one wants it done correctly one must do it ones self...

hence one needs her Bruno home...
the things i love & miss

Well that is all for now...and I saw all your comments and thank you....i don't how to post them the way it is set up..