Saturday, December 16, 2006

It was...

Nine days before Christmas and cold as could be....And there out of the corner of my eye what did I see? Two naughty Alpacas certainly not where they should be..I in my slippers them in their fleece. I dashed out the door chasing them in the cold morning air. I tried all I could to get them to go back to the barn where they all know. I got my boots, hat and gloves just in time to watch it snow. There I was on the go , chasing two naughty boys racing as fast as they could. They going one way I the other....I left in a puff, having had enough.....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The trouble with....

I had been able to post comments to some you and not to others..Go figure! And I assure you all that I have read everyone and would/did try to post, but alas I was kicked around like a soccer ball.

I had been up at 3 am and got a half cup of coffee thinking I'd take it to back to bed, take a few sips and return to sleep. Yah, right. Whom am I kidding...I have work to do like wait a few minutes and wake Rocky so he can wake the rest of the world...And then there is the issue of other chores that since cleaning like a lunatic went to the wayside.

It is GREY, every shade of it, the winds will start again and the fact that I may again be out of power looms like a repeat week a few weeks ago why is it that the Pacific Northwest has such ranges of grey? It does not complement any other color out there, trust me. I have tried to find the beauty in it, and I struggle to find even one at this point. The 9 months of grey is starting to make me a little bonkers. I am thinking that is why so many people here enjoy the black and white photography....Why prove that it is grey, when you can make grey lemonade?

I am feeling bad for Inkling getting her first dose of this and the tiredness that comes with it every year. It really is very wonderful here when the blue skies and sun reappear for the few months that they do. But this farm fairy can take no more and we look forward to returning to the East side of the state next spring.

Maybe I should change the saying....
It is something to think about but nothing to worry about....

to: it is something to think about but not something to snivel about.

Inkling please get your flashlight ready...The news is NOT GOOD...The storm coming is HUGE and it is starting at your place. You two take care okay? We worry about you always!

Be well and do not worry if you do not here from us...Ang & I will be fine...But we know that the power will not be consistent for the moment. Ang will have power before I do and as always she /we will keep you all updated the best we can.

I have to admit I would love to be in Ocean Shores watching the waves that are to be 38 feet!!! This storm is to be one of the worst in years!

The mountain passes are to have up to 2 feet of snow..And then Friday the snow level will be 500 feet. My oh my it sounds wild.

Keep warm, be safe and take it easy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holy Cow Boots!!!

This is the cute kids box they come in....

Kitchen Finished

Instead of watching news or other chores I went ahead and finished putting all the furniture back. I did it while listening to the video Grace has on her blog...P.s. I too tried to you!

Washer & washing

Well the report from the other Sears guy is no better then the last 4 visits....More parts to be shipped here again. For yet a 6th appointment. The total after appointment number 6 will sky rocket to over $1000.00 in labor and parts. I assure you this dishwasher is not worth half that. Can anyone explain why it just has not been replaced instead?

The washing of the wood floors took three hours after the Sears guy left. I had been determined to scrub them on my hands and knees until they had all evidence of dirt gone. I then put three coats of Maids Choice on the spotless floors. The cats being miffed why I would not let them in. I was done just past 8pm....I will put the little table back in sometime today. The kitchen has 89 year old floors that have taken lots of wear over the years, I too am not convinced the last owner had taken care of them.

I had ordered a product that I had heard about called " I hate mold"....Hubbies allergies are pretty bad here on the coast and this stuff is suppose to keep it at bay and fight it for up to a year. It is pretty hard for me to find things I can use as I am so allergic to most chemicals/perfume/sense/cleaners... Anyway I cleaned all the tile in the kitchen and will put the IHM on them as well as the windows and fridge. Then today after the chiro I will finish my in town things, get my boots and then come home to finish the livingroom and those huge windows....You would think it was spring around here with all the cleaning.

Hubby is doing well after our chiro came in to his office to see hubby on a Sunday!!! What a guy so today I am taking him scones and two jars of my homemade jam as a thank you.....And of course to have him adjust me.

Anyway the day will be very busy around here and the winds have started...News crews are on Camano Island to film the chaos this morning.

The question of the tree has been replaced with scrubbing the house then when that is done ,down to the art studio to address that before it makes me as crazy as it makes hubby...

The baby kitty came in about three feet when I had the kitchen door opened...Hope he makes it past his wild kitty stage and will come in every now and again. Rocky has being going none stop for over an hour and will be horse if it goes on much longer...Yes he and Aida are still on the down spout each night. It still cracks me up when I am at the kitchen window and feel him staring at me. Hubby too thought it was so funny but did not make an effort to remove him at all...

Well my friends have a great day and keep safe and warm...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Techno troubles

Rather my inability to learn to do things that I should already know how...Or something like that.

I am waiting once again for Sears to show up between 8 and noon....Yes for the dishwasher, yes for the 5th time and did I mention it is covered by a home warranty? You'd think after the 700.00 plus in various repairs, motors,ect that they would just replace the darn thing..Which is what the warranty says, that if repairs are not done you get a replacement...Period... Okay we'll see what happens next...Ugh!

It is cold, windy and yes a power surge every now and again. Hence why last night you had nothing to read...Sorry.

I spent the early morning (4am) cleaning the water that was under the sink ( washer issue?) And prayed that the water had not ruined the original wood floors in our little kitchen. We will know in the next few days if they start to buckle...And well Sears will have a much bigger issue than they a gambling on.

Hubby called at 5:30 and asked what I was doing????Ugh.......Certainly not enjoying my cup of coffee that was for sure.

I'm hoping to be the first on the list and will not have to wait till noon.

MY BOOTS ARE IN!!!!! I will take photos of the new dalmation rubber boots as soon as I can...YAHOO!!!!No more wet tootsies!

I have gone back and forth with the issue of a Christmas tree....All the work and for whom? Hubby may only be here for the day and leave the day after. And do I really want to search the barn? Try to put a perfect tree up and then have a few days later to return to the barn for replacement lights?????Oh the torture! Okay I will see, maybe it is time we use the antique cast iron tree holder...And have a tree...We have not had one since being married..For moving reasons, we have moved within a month or two of Christmas. Altogether I did put stockings up last year as far as I got....We'll see...

Well I hope you all have a good day..I did try to post comments without success..

Inkling: cute place, love the washer in the kitchen, and your blog spot looks perfect.

Grace: love the music and you are so blessed.

Ang: you mean PARTNER, right?

be well have a perfect day.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Momma Kitty


I had wanted to sleep...Dream a little dream. I under my blankets, the window wide open and the wind coming lightly in.

I dreamed of a big farm, of buffalo and a farm filled with quarters for them all. I am going into town to work today and am looking forward to seeing a friend.

We got the wild momma kitty in the house and she stayed for several hours. I have never touched her and she was asleep and curled up on my lap for over an hour. I too was able to worm her. She then went to the chair and fell asleep for another hour.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

25 hour visit

Well it was nice to see hubby! He arrived in the daylight and told me it was one of the top 10 harriest drive he had ever had going over ANY pass...He has at a few hundred trips under his belt...So I was worried about the return trip. He called me several times and arrived back to the dam just fine I was up early and have to get some laundry done and will be off to bed after I get that and the dishes done..Sweet dreams my friends......Sleep well.

Hubby sleeps

I had falling asleep on the sofa...Hubby had arrived home after several errands we had dinner at out favorite Thai place. We came home in the dark fed and settled down for some time together. We watched all the saved stuff on TIVO...And I at some point fell asleep. Then off to bed, I opened the window and was asleep within 20 minutes. At 2 minutes of three I was up and waiting for the coffee to finish. Hubby was on the sofa asleep and woke up long enough to ask me to go back to bed. I could not tell him it would be almost impossible now.

Anyway it has been a very nice visit. He was not due to come home till Christmas Eve. And to have arrive during the daylight was fabulous. We decided that we would go have breakfast at the Elger Bay Cafe as it has the best chicken fried steak in the world...Usually our "bye date" would be an early lunch or a mocha if he was running late...Then he would be off...But a Sunday breakfast suits me just fine. My favorite meals are breakfast.

The Rooster entertained hubby as we had snacks in the kitchen late last night. Funny what makes one crack up. I'm not sure if anyone would think it funny to have a downspout Rooster...

I hope Inkling had a wonderful time and that she is all better...Have a good day.