Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Techno troubles

Rather my inability to learn to do things that I should already know how...Or something like that.

I am waiting once again for Sears to show up between 8 and noon....Yes for the dishwasher, yes for the 5th time and did I mention it is covered by a home warranty? You'd think after the 700.00 plus in various repairs, motors,ect that they would just replace the darn thing..Which is what the warranty says, that if repairs are not done you get a replacement...Period... Okay we'll see what happens next...Ugh!

It is cold, windy and yes a power surge every now and again. Hence why last night you had nothing to read...Sorry.

I spent the early morning (4am) cleaning the water that was under the sink ( washer issue?) And prayed that the water had not ruined the original wood floors in our little kitchen. We will know in the next few days if they start to buckle...And well Sears will have a much bigger issue than they a gambling on.

Hubby called at 5:30 and asked what I was doing????Ugh.......Certainly not enjoying my cup of coffee that was for sure.

I'm hoping to be the first on the list and will not have to wait till noon.

MY BOOTS ARE IN!!!!! I will take photos of the new dalmation rubber boots as soon as I can...YAHOO!!!!No more wet tootsies!

I have gone back and forth with the issue of a Christmas tree....All the work and for whom? Hubby may only be here for the day and leave the day after. And do I really want to search the barn? Try to put a perfect tree up and then have a few days later to return to the barn for replacement lights?????Oh the torture! Okay I will see, maybe it is time we use the antique cast iron tree holder...And have a tree...We have not had one since being married..For moving reasons, we have moved within a month or two of Christmas. Altogether I did put stockings up last year as far as I got....We'll see...

Well I hope you all have a good day..I did try to post comments without success..

Inkling: cute place, love the washer in the kitchen, and your blog spot looks perfect.

Grace: love the music and you are so blessed.

Ang: you mean PARTNER, right?

be well have a perfect day.

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