Saturday, May 12, 2007

Filling in the blanks

We lost almost all the plants around the deck over the harsh winter...So I bravely went to the Smokey Point Plant Farm and found some two favs being these! Oh and can anyone guess what colors I love in the garden....Blues, purples and green the exception is the California poppies that Bruno loves...The top photo is called Black Jack! And the Passion vine is Divine!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Upright and made it to and from the ranch

without the resulting dead bodies I had plotted against. I am truly a country girl to the core...I had to go into the city, not Seattle but more towards Everett, either way it is the same result...If I had a working radio in the 2 seat er things would not have been so bad. I could have cranked up a cd and pretend that I was in the world alone. I tried to make my mind list while behind the wheel but mostly I tried to figure out how all these people got their drivers licences as well as why they had to be on my the very least why this close to me...I had estimated how long things may or may not take and the results clearly did not mesh with the time I had planned. I did make it to mom and dads with the Mothers day present...the real treat was I had Pork chops and a pile of Yukon golds with more butter than should be allowed. Anyway back to the plot....I had returned to the location that put me on I-5, I figured that if I left later the dumb ones would be long gone off to work or whatever location they would have to be such turns out that stupidity does not care the hour nor location...I had finished my task and was heading towards Ang's place when I got the phone call I had been waiting for ( some 3 weeks) anyway I turned the car around and headed towards a little shop. Spent a whopping 7 minutes then headed across the street...

WARNING: Do not go to Arlington,Washington if you are thinking that the majority of people who work in the little shops are going to be smart or nice. My first stop from said call was just fine...I then crossed the street to an antique shop where Ms. I'm on the phone and cranky panties glared at me for disturbing her personal call. The welcome sign was clearly a giant lie....I waited for several minutes for her to finish the call all the time old cranky angry looking woman staring me down. No you'd think that with the antique shop being well over 3000 square feet I'd have found someplace to duck from her anode looks...I should have just walked away...but the little item in the window was coming with me PERIOD! I am one stubborn girl and tough as they come....But I was steaming frustrated by the time the exchanges had happened. I finally asked if I could move a cardboard box and get a few things from the window....Response was ( angry undertones added here) "WHY, do you want something? " Yes I want those several things there, me pointing over the box...She started to remove the one thing that stood between me and the find....I said I would take x,y and z....then she barked at me with " you did not look at it close enough, you don't even know how much it is!!" I said " is this not for sale because I do see a price tag, right here" Well I continued to the back of the store, misses cranky panties returned to the counter to bark at a young couple and then another the time I was done I had a pile loaded up on the counter...topping totals over $165.00 I presented my debit card...At which point she took her evil finger and pointed then thumped the counter....We do not take credit cards! Check or cash period!!!I looked at her with shock..and " Are you kidding me? You have some 10,000 items in this store and you do not take debit cards? Okay so I pulled out the cash I had and she said to me " well I hope you have enough!!!" I know I should have walked out of there then and there..but I trying to muster up kindness was trying so hard not to explode!!!! I asked her to start over again...And she said no she would take off what I did not want....I added the amount in my head (65.00 + tax) her total came to 112.00 I informed her she was wrong... I asked her to start over again and she was mad!!! ( I should have walked out to for the second time) I was really working hard for her sake...Okay now then there are no other customers as she has ran them off...( REALLY) and I am trying to be "loving Anne" in my ways....I did complete my purchase but was disappointed that I had experienced her....I then drove towards our place....trying to calm myself down by going on the small windy back road.Even that did not help...I have half a mind to call the owner and let her know what is going on over there....In the mean time the things I got for mom at the other store are perfect and mum loved them, although I still have not found the French dance girls that I have hunted for some 6 months.....So I feel that I did okay by not hurting anyone....I tried my best! In hindsight I should have just walked out!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hoping for sleep someday...

It has turned warm, thankfully...I was gone for over 10 hours yesterday and will be back to Lake Stevens to finish a few things. I figure the boys will be here working by the time I get back. So I will install the remaining 4 lights as well as a door lock and dead bolt...move furniture and then get a few other things in order. I am hoping I have time to drop by Ang's with a couple of things and then get home and start down stairs with removing the walls. A total of six walls are coming down and I have to get them done one way or the other...with or without help. I hate that Jesus moved as the guy was so good at showing up and working like a mad man. I am searching for some one that does not drink smoke pot or is always MIA....Such high hopes and wishes on my part. If one knows of a good strong moral person who wants a few bucks please let me know. Anyway I have so much to do in the next two weeks or so...This means that blogging will be minimal at best but know I love you all and will up date you with the steps, leaps and all when I can.Tootles!xoxoxoxo

Monday, May 07, 2007

screaming time flies by farm fairy found

I know I have been MIA but I do have a reason...among other things, new windows, paint and getting house ready house for the 17 hour visit with Bruno. Prepping house for repair and interviewing contractors that we trust as well as we can afford . Anyway the week flew by we have what appears to be Pilateded woodpeckers...A new stray cat and a plan for a green house. I am secretly wanting Bruno to come home and spend a week or so at reality if he got that time I'd take him away from reality and just go. Bruno has insisted that he would need a week before just to get enough rest to take a vacation. Ang has been hard at work on the web site and I am just trying to keep the ranch on track and the house on it's foundation. Bruno drove home after work on Saturday and was able to see all that got done with some daylight still left( thankful for the longer days) We had dinner at the Thai place and Paula (the chef) spoiled us with huge servings and Bruno's fav the ever perfect Scallop! Bruno enjoyed his visit and the bunnies entertained him. I again fell in love with the ever missing hubby and was saddened to see him go so soon. Flip is now coming in and out and seems to stay a little longer inside as well as knowing that if he gets locked in for a few minutes he will get out in short order. Well kids I'm booked with a big day and need to run to the shower and get it all on track. Missing you all very much!!!