Monday, May 07, 2007

screaming time flies by farm fairy found

I know I have been MIA but I do have a reason...among other things, new windows, paint and getting house ready house for the 17 hour visit with Bruno. Prepping house for repair and interviewing contractors that we trust as well as we can afford . Anyway the week flew by we have what appears to be Pilateded woodpeckers...A new stray cat and a plan for a green house. I am secretly wanting Bruno to come home and spend a week or so at reality if he got that time I'd take him away from reality and just go. Bruno has insisted that he would need a week before just to get enough rest to take a vacation. Ang has been hard at work on the web site and I am just trying to keep the ranch on track and the house on it's foundation. Bruno drove home after work on Saturday and was able to see all that got done with some daylight still left( thankful for the longer days) We had dinner at the Thai place and Paula (the chef) spoiled us with huge servings and Bruno's fav the ever perfect Scallop! Bruno enjoyed his visit and the bunnies entertained him. I again fell in love with the ever missing hubby and was saddened to see him go so soon. Flip is now coming in and out and seems to stay a little longer inside as well as knowing that if he gets locked in for a few minutes he will get out in short order. Well kids I'm booked with a big day and need to run to the shower and get it all on track. Missing you all very much!!!


Loving Annie said...

Happy Monday Farm Fairy !

Grace said...

I'm so glad you had a good visit and also sad that once again you had to say goodbye!