Saturday, September 16, 2006

How to Get Ready

Well Im not sure about the last time I had a chance to site here and blog a little blog.....I can tell you we have been VERY BUSY....Hubby quit his job a few days ago and we settled in again to tackle his unending lists that grows by the moment. Things that should get done outside get to move up this list while the sun is out and others move down...We took an adventure on hubbies birthday to a job interview in Eastern Washington on a huge Damn project that hubby has been chomping at the bit to get....6 torture filled days for me as hubby paced about the thing and I sitting here saying let the universe take care of it,don't worry yadda yadda yadda.....Well half way through the day he HEARD THE NEWS.....He leaves Tuesday and I will have the winter here while he hangs from who knows what 120 feet above the water....He being the adrenaline junking / workaholic that he is will have a glorious time.....All out of the rain drenched Pacific Northwest......He has managed to get everything in order pretty well around here for the winter...I will just have to get 3 tons of feed into the barn in the next 2 or 3 weeks....Easy!!!! He has moved about 75 yards out of the round pen and placed it in about 10 locations...The round pen came down and the horses are up in the summer pasture rather confused about the whole thing trying to get out to go to bed ( round pen location)So we just left them there all rather annoyed about it....That is JUST ONE DAY so you can imagine what has happened the last 6 of that hence the sole reason you have not heard hide nor hair of us.....We will be off the FARM GIRL TUFF'S Birthday party today the rush back for some more work....All in the day and life of Halleyville Ranch and insanity..

Monday, September 11, 2006

John Deere

Katie & Farm Fairy

Auntie Farm Fairy

Did you ever when you were young have a very cool auntie or a neighbor that was so much fun? The type who would let eat cookies before dinner or jump on a bed as high as you could....Or have a food fight? Well I did and thought it was the best thing ever....So as I aged I vowed that I would be that person....Hopefully for plenty of kids....You know the one person who if you blew soda pop out your nose they would laugh with you?

Well today was yet another one of those moments when I Auntie Farm Fairy got to do some fun things.....I forgot to put my bunny ears on but the kids who had the farm tour got to see them last week....Anyway to day was "KATIE DAY" and boy did we have some serious fun....

Katie is 4 years old.....she will be 5 in a few days... She is the youngest of three and the other two get to go to school...pretty hard to be left you know,when "they get to go have fun everyday"
And if you can remember being that age you will find only fleeting moments that you can recall....I hope when she is 40 years old and she is thinking of her life she will recall this day....A day of so many 1st!

We started early and fed horses....Katie pulling the feed cart I opening the gates....Pushing Playboy out of her way ( a 1200 # Tennessee Walker) then off to water and feed Alpacas....Then off to collect jars for Blackberry Jam... She had said "daddy says your jam is the best" Well we will just have to change that so he thinks "KATIE JAM" is the best... So we got out buckets , scrubbed them and then went off to pick....1st out around the back of horse arena and then off to the north by the four cows...Then to the South side, we met up with her mom and then we went to clean off the berries and strain the small batch..She bravely got up onto a 2 gallon bucket as her foot stool and stirred until she could not see out her glasses...At this point the nervous mummy came in and took a few photos but she tried to take over Katy's job...Which only got her kicked out of the kitchen...FARM GIRLS ARE TOUGH!!!!!! Let her be ...It is hard for mommies not to help.......
we managed to get two huge jars and two small jars out and a small liter of pancake syrup out of the berries. We took a break and then had to finish some other things.....The John Deere Garden Tractor...We mowed up and down and she did pretty good staying on the lines of the previous pass....Hubby didn't notice so it must be okay....I was a great sunny day ...The puters got back to working and KATIE had the "bestest day ever" according to her moms report....He daddy is in utter disbelief and I am happy to say I was "FARM FAIRY" happy to show her some fun that frankly I don't think many kids at 4 years of age will ever experience....