Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sleep With the enemy

Well I was sound to sleep, we had gone to bed late as we had rented the movie King Kong....A very long movie...I did not fall asleep as usually during the flick and dragged my sorry hinny to bed....Hubby finished movie by himself....I was mostly asleep by the time he came in...Well the cats are sound to sleep at 7:30 am as well as myself and hubby( who knows if he has that hideous alarm on or not ) but wait!!!!!!!!!!! The damn Thomas starts crying and walking all over MY SIDE OF BED!!!! Not hubbies as the cat KNOWS what happens IF a cat calls him from sleep.....So now I have cat crying, dog pacing as well as other cat leaping onto my pillow and hubby you ask???? He does not move, not once....I checked see if he is alive ..... I know this sounds stupid but really I KNOW deep in my heart that almost each wife has had that scary feeling when things seem to quiet on the front....Correct me if I'm wrong...Any way I can no longer take the pacing and crying I let Buluga and the evil cat out, get my coffee and a smoke go outside and what do you know......Everyone wants back in....SO THEY CAN GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! But oh no do you think I could do that??? Never.....Once up it is all over with....The frustrating thing is I am tired and would love to go back to bed...And these animals torment me by falling fast to sleep RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.....EVIL in every way......

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Wenatchee house we built!

Funny dog photo from steves blog and one of our Alpacas doing the "WHO ME?"

I have worked way too hard this hard that the blog update has been on my mind but sleep took over and I was out for the count....some weeks are like that and I beg forgiveness...

Monday, April 10, 2006


First course: Prawn cocktail

The suite finally has a guest!

Well the guest room was used finally...And I have to say I could not be more pleased as to the first guest!!!! We have named it the

" La Bondo Suite."

How? What?

I heard the cussing befor I saw what it was all about....

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Farm Finds II

One more baby! The cutie that shared coffee this morning....