Wednesday, November 22, 2006


That is just what this farm fairy needs today...All is lost.... TIME!!!! I want to request that if anyone has found or recovered the 6 plus hours I lost yesterday to return it to Halleyville as soon as possible. I will be found under the tornado mess located just inside the back door. Recovery is impossible I think!! All right I tried to post earlier without to much luck...Luck? HUH! I will I am sure collapse and hubby when he returns today sometime will find his goonbalina asleep with her bunny ears on if not crooked fast to sleep on the sofa with two cats purring on her!!!!So there it is kids..Life as it is...Keep my hubby in your thoughts as he will be coming over Snoqualmie pass to get home and it is a little traitorous right now and with the busiest travel day of the year only adds to the long and snowy drive...Be well , count your Blessings. I would also like to say hi to Mr. Bondo, hope you are well and know that we will miss you tomorrow at dinner....

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