Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rocky's Union Rules

Well now that the test is complete...

The snow started in full swing around 3pm...Rocky and the girls hung out near the feed dish in the carport... All the workers were leaving trying to beat the chaos that always ensues with the slightest of snow.

Well there is no doubt who the hen boss is he started with his serinade, all calling his flock to him. Rocky then took his gaggle of girls to the small flight of steps to the kitchen door and forced each hen up to the hand rail. Then he made Aida go to the downspout roost directly above them, he then being rather satisfied took up his place and called for all to settle in for a long winters night.

It seems that Rocky's union rules state that hens do not have to go past the snow line and to their normal roost in the horse shelters. It also states that they do not have to leave the carport while it is snowing, making a mess which the farm fairy ( according to the union by laws) has to clean daily in order not to track in the gooh...It is also stated in the laws that they may upon the permission of the union boss make shelter for some 5 hours at a time behind the stack of Timothy. Rocky then spends the remainder of the day keeping his girls safe from predators although several cats are welcome if they behave. The eggs were warm when I finally got around to getting them. I did manage to get some bacon fat to them for some extra warmth.
Who knew that he would be taking the whole thing so serious....Rocky is always carring on all hours of the day and night but last night all was good and peaceful all the way to 4am!

Have a good and warm day. Watch the traffic. And say prayers for Ang while driving and dealing with the chaos of the office she is dealing with on her dads behalf. Watch to drive okay sweetie....

It seems that both Thomas and I are allergic to the ferrets... I have had to use the inhaler so many times and all the meds are gone. I am figuring out what will happen and ask that you pray for the right outcome.


Ang said...

Oh babe,
I was checking real quick before taking off. I heard you last night on the phone sound kind of congestive, coughing more than usual but chalked it up to cold weather. I never thought of the ferrets. Thank you for the prayers. I am so freaking nervous..Thank God for Daddy's 4 wheel drive. Mom's coming over to watch the kids with gram, and will go to work after we get back if it's not too late. Stay safe and stay warm. I'll be saying prayers for you and a solution to your delima with the Ferrets.

Ang said...

PS I'm glad to see you posting to blogger now. I hope it goes smoother for you.

Grace said...

I can't believe our Farm Fairy is allergic to an animal... how sad. I'm actually allergic to horses... who's ever heard of someone being allergic to horses, but I am, took the back poke test and everything. Although I've never noticed them actually doing anything other than a sniffly nose, so it's cool.