Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yes you read right it is beginning to snow and s snowing all over. A little lighter here then by Ang or north.

Well I unlike Inkling had the nicest call with our auto insurance. I was a little surprised by the bill, called and spoke to Craig, who is in the Colorado office...We spoke and he said he'd get back to me in 10 minutes...( do not roll your eyes just yet ) And to my delight in 7 minutes flat he had called back spoke of the bill tweaked a few things and managed to get it a wee bit better. Why would I even tell this story? We he was so nice, we spoke of weather and storms, how in Colorado near him cattle had to be dropped food, how another storm was coming his way Thursday...Nice guy!!!I had no frustrations and we said farewell. He was my #7 in the make 10 people laugh yesterday. So I want to say "hi" to Craig and his son Nick..Hope you all stay warm in Colorado, it was good to talk to you.

Now for the Halleyville update:

Thomas: still sick, taking meds like a trooper.
Deconstruction: coming along slowly added power outages for this delay.

Farm Fairy Sleep: Nada

Hubby: running late and only one apartment available near him, 1 available the rest 18 are for section 8 / public assistance...So you know it would not be quiet nor the safest place. ( not a judgment on my part as much as an observation. ) We were hoping for the place the PUD owns for his relocation, he is on the list and still wanting to be 5 minutes from the dam.

Ferrets: settling in getting use to the lay out of the land and finding all the blankets tucked under the doors a thrilling challenge to try to get under to explore even further. I have given them a box of puzzle pieces that they roll around in and play with.

Construction: Noah is coming sometime today and we will go over the plans and ideas as well as a time line. I have taken it upon myself to create a blue print. ( yah, not a control freak in sight huh? ) I have photos of what it should look like when we finish.

Rooster & hens: Rocky woke me at 4:30 am with a full salute to "wake oh wake my farm fairy sweet" This is the title I give his first song of the day. It still makes me giggle. Who new a little rooster would turn my early growl into giggles all before coffee? My hens ( hubby has been banned to claim them ) are laying 6 eggs a day! So that means two of the hens are handing out two each and the other two one each. How cool is that?

Power outages: two so far, no telling what today will do.

Well kids that is it for the 6 am report. Hope you all stay warm and that the snow is pretty and nothing more.
Keep Craig and his Colorado in your prayers that the snow that comes will be short lived. And a the cattle will be saved. Be well, be safe and laugh.


Anonymous said...

Prayers it is, farm fairy.
Do your eggs taste better than the ones from the supermarket ?
My grandma had fruit tress and tomato vines in her backyard, and nothing tasted as good as the homegrown ever did.
Hope PUD comes through and hubby can stay there.
The blue print is a good idea. It's always wise to visualize what you want before construction occurs.
Cyber hugs and smiles,

lauren said...

My 2 roomies and I qualified for section 8 my last year of college... we were sick of dorm life. It was quite an experience... it was a small college town not big city section 8, so there were no gangs or anything like that. It was cheap, had 3 bedrooms, and worked out perfectly for us! I know what you mean though, especially being married to a former cop who patroled section 8 areas.

Very cool that you have fresh eggs! No need to pick them up at the grocery store!!!

Praying the cold and snow doesn't hit you too hard.

Ang said...

Farm Fresh Eggs are the best. We've had them once from Farm Fairy, shortly after that Mr. Farm Fairy did the evil chicken dance and scared them away to hide their clutches. But I definately recommend them.

Grace said...

My parents have a friend who lives on a farm, she trains herding dogs, so she has sheep... and dogs, rabbits, ducks, chickens, etc. She came for dinner last week and brought a dozen eggs with her from her farm. She brought 4 duck eggs... they had GREEN shells... my mom can't get herself to use them... I made fun of her so she asked me if I wanted them... I had to admit that I couldn't do it either. I was totally amazed how different the shells on the farm fresh eggs were compared to the ones I buy at the store. They were so hard and strong. I had to practically hit them with a hammer to break them. The yokes in them were so yellow that Farmwife and Inkling's Grandma M&M wouldn't need yellow food coloring for her noodles if she used 'em.

NoMas said...

Awe, does Thomas need to return to the vet? He should be feeling better by now. Poor little dude. Stay warm - like you need that advice!!

Anne said...

John and Temera,
don't know why my comment yesterday showed up as 'anonymous'. It's me, Anne!
Hope you have a good Thursday --