Friday, January 12, 2007


Who knew this Friday I would find the first glimpse of peace from the sewage chaos. Okay so there are huge air movers down stairs and they are loud and eat electricity but the people are gone for the moment. I am looking for a people free day, just to bank and that is it. I have been over loaded with far too many bodies near me. My world being flipped around and away from my other duties... So I need Farm Fairy normal, I know that it is not others normal but I do like my world much better.

Thomas is allergic to the ferrets as well. He will finish his antibiotics tomorrow. When the vet called he said it sounded as if he might be allergic to something, was there anything new? yep, a pair of ferrets...So his labored breathing and sneezing and coughing will end as soon as the ferrets are out or the cat is out.

Jonas is finally getting his bunny funny out of him and getting used to the gig here. He is allowed out of his cage while I'm in the living room and can watch him if the cats are in too. If the cats are out I just leave the cage door open and all the doors closed giving him free run. He has of now used his litter box only for the past three days. He was not box trained when he arrived, but is doing great learning it. I made a ramp outta pillows and he hauls out the door onto pillows and then onto the arm of the sofa and then the back down the other arm and across the seats all making the perfect bunny race track. His little limp is getting better as he is no longer hung from him back legs. And last night for the first time came to me laid down on my chest and fell asleep. So we are making progress in the snuggling area too.

The weather is harsh right now is taking it's toll on the outside animals, The banti (hen) came inside sat in front of the fireplace and watched tv for over an hour with out any accidents. Thomas was at one side she at the other. Go figure only here.huh?

I have not heard from Ang or how things went...Hope they went well.
There was over 500 accidents caused by ice and snow in just the last 24 hours..
Okay kids, it is time to get some things going around here, hope you are all doing well.


Farm Wife said...

I am so glad Jonas is settling into his routine...and how did you manage the litter box thing? I'd almost have a rabbit in the house if we could litter train it!

Have to say, I'm a little concerned about Ang...

Grace said...

Girlfriend, the hours you post make me queezy. I didn't even know those times exsisted until I met you... (well I guess I did give birth at 4:57 am once). Been keepin' an eye on the news and such out there... yikes!!

lauren said...

ugh.... I empathize with Thomas' allergies. poor thing!

It's amazing how domesticated hens can be. When I was in Mexico, one of the hens wandered into the house and made itself home on a corner shelf, as if that was the eprfect place to lay an egg. or get away from the hot sun and the pit bull chained to the banana tree.

lauren said...

p.s. love the slideshow!