Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Invasion

Again with the stream of people who will be cleaning, packing and removing items to unknown locations to be treated , cleaned, repaired or out right tossed. I am a house mouse farm fairy and a visitor every now and again is fine...But I love my space, peace and quiet. I love the noise of farm life and not the chaos of people...And usually it is one person at a time. So my life lesson today is to learn to enjoy these folks and the dilemma that they are ousting from our house.

My other challenge is to find the right food, litter and bedding for the bunny...So much ideas about what is right for one breed and then ALL the info related to bunnies on the internet...Ugh..

I also have to try to make room for some art studio area without overtaking the public space in the house upstairs...( dining room? ) Anyway I woke up late past 6:30 at the wing kept me awake past 1am...So now I'm in a rush to get it all started ...Did manage to get dishes, shopping and grain for the horses and a little treat for Jonas..

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

John and Temera,
The picture of the house in the snow did make me know exactly what you mean about space, peace and tranquility... It just calls to mind a cozy fire, a serene quiet within an orderly, loved home, the ticking of a clock, the sound of contented animals...
May your visitors fix what needs to be fixed, and may it only be a brief interruption in your overall quiet.
The bunny has a good home with you... Lucky bunny.

Anonymous said...

Worker chaos - not fun.
Jonas will be a happy bun no matter what cause he has you to snuggle! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Get that bunny bedded down and you keep warm! Can't have our farm fairy freezing her cow boots off!