Friday, January 12, 2007

17 degrees

It is very cold all are snuggled in and down. I just came in from giving the horses a little more feed to keep them warm through the night, although how anything keeps warm at 17 degrees I do not know. It is to go down to 13. The poor folks of the PNW are not even close to use to this and I think most folks are in a struggle to keep smart and warm. I did go to the store for some supplies while the roads were less dangerous. And tomorrow we are to have more snow over the inch of ice that seems ever place you walk or look. I had to pull with all I had to get the muck cart into the round pen and who knows what noise I heard far of in the distance. The Olsen farm across the street have had lambs as I could hear them when I went to feed the alpacas this afternoon. All was quiet here today as the dryers will run till Monday. Well I am wide awake and know it will be a challenge to get any sleep, but I do have tea on the brew to help me try. Hope you are all well and that everyone is staying warm. Sleep well my friends. Yes, all the animals are ours in the photo trail....Hubby at work ( the guy on the left) and of course my girl Buluga which is still all unreal to me. Good night kids. Hugs to you all...

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