Thursday, July 05, 2007

a little taste of farm life

so far it is soooo much fun here. i have been able to learn many things like how to run from a tracter before it crushes me. funny huh? we get up at around 5 and farm fariy bangs on the door for us girls to get up. its a little startling at first but we start laughin sum times after word. i can move an 18 foot piece of wood and carry a 90 pound bail of feed out of the barn. even the guys were a little surprised at that. they thought i was week but ive toughened up since i got here. i luv hangin out here and i've even made a friend. she is so histarical! we have fun staring at the boyz and laughin when wee should be in bed. so far i have been good and farm fairy is treatin me like an adult. i feel so grown up. i am tired every day when we finish chores. its a good tired though. ive gotten a really bad sunburn but u dont hear me complainin all that much. i know that ill be fine and all i have to do is tough it out. i am havin the best time. i even got a 15 year old mexican dude givin me a high five. funny funny. well i also have another guy friend and he's ok to. us girls and my other friend went and had a water fight today and it was funny. sum how i ended up beein the only one wet. i was soaked head to toe. it was sooooo much fun. we also went to the pasture with the alpackas 2 days ago and the guy that was with us was so afraid that i thought he would pee his pants. funny.

im doin ok. u dont need to worry about me this much. im learnig how to take care of myself and others. i hope u guys have had fun and dont cry. as u can c its not that bad. i have had some great times and i had a few scew ups and i learned from that. i luv u all and miss u but will be home. luv ya!


farm pixie

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