Friday, July 06, 2007

Farm Fairies Report.......

Life is pretty wild here right now the Halleyville Ranch Boot Camp for Girls is not what I thought it would be... Better in some ways and harder than others...Learning to say no to two tired girls is harder than I thought...I am considered a hard ass, but if asked the girls they would not say that. This farm fairy has a way of making the worst jobs on the earth pretty the horse area can turn into a huge pooh fight in just a few seconds and whammmm the pooh is out and we are onto the nest thing. I am letting the girls sleep in a few minutes to write this because once they are up we are going and the day seems to be gone without a doubt. I miss you all tons and we are all fine. Here is a list of things we have gotten done. We go do laundry every three days and hang the clothes on the laundry line...nothing like the sheets fresh off of it....We have had guest for supper and the girls are learning to good hosts...

relocated compost pile
added 30 square feet to said pile
cleaned off area for green house
trimmed two acres of trees
hacked all the thistle down
cleaned koi pond
removed dead and dying trees and shrubs (10 so far)
removed rotting stump
cleaned out the window wells around house
gone to dump
ordered farm fairies Toyota Tundra fron Pa.
fixes two fences installed 10 solar lights on deck
installed mister system on large deck
moved 18 foot long decking
cleaned out garden shed

put a four foot fence line with hot wire across the back to keep horses from little kids from trampling the willows
cleaned deck off to prep for staining (front)

What we are doing today

cleaning out bunnie cages
staining deck
staining 50 4x4 fence post around the property
plant 10 trees
digging six post holes (concrete poured in holes) and putting up new fence and gate
going to send box off to Bruno

Now then we have lots to do this is true and summer is when most of it has to be done
To hear the girls talk you would know it is all in a days work...they WANT to spend the rest of the summer here and they realize that you just ( getter done ) if you get hurt you ( shake it off, no blood your not done) and ranch on up!!!!

They giggle most if not all day....we all have farmer tans despite the spf 70....and they will return home as productive smart thinking capable ranch hands...and yes they are truly to the mommies and daddies they are well fed and hard at work...we are all fine .....

they take care of:
3 horses
7 alpacas
6 cats
4 bunnies
7 chickens


well I have to go pound on the door and getter done...

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Loving Annie said...

Oh, farm fairy, those girls and you are doing an amazing amount of things ! WOW.