Sunday, February 25, 2007


I'm worn out and all the illness is just leaving I hope..Funny you can be more tired after taking it easy and recovering....ironic huh?

Anyway how are you all?

I'm trying to muster up energy to get more done today then I managed to do over the last several days. I'm hoping for at least enough to clean the sick kitchen and the bathroom.

I read the funnest stories this morning on a few blogs....I shall learn to put them on the side bar...Wish me luck with that.

Jonas and Slinky are a few inches apart from each other and Jonas is eating his goodies off a lunch plate as he likes being out of his cage more than in it these days. (Bruno said he would always run back in it as it was the only safe place he could be) So it is nice to watch him race around coffee table up the pillow ladder and down the back of sofa over and down my head and fly off the edge and around again.It is truly too cute.

I had a terrible time sleeping last night and was up at 1 am getting something in my tummy when Rocky decided if the Farm Fairy was up the rest of the universe needed to be up as well. So he started at I fell asleep to him carring on.

It is not snowing this morning and the sky is the normal winter grey....This is not healthy you know all this drizzle and grey....

Okay I am grateful that I am here that I am able to provide for everyone here.

I had not found the chicken eggs in the last few days...I figured it was cuz the three high bales had been down to one high...thus no privacy...Shy girls. Anyway I had fed while the fever raged, filled the water and saw the gate to one of the pastures was wide open...the pasture that has the army tent that I put up last year for the alpacas...anyway I walked over there while waiting for a 100 gallons to fill and was going to close the gate...I saw a red feed bucket in the tent and went to retrieve it and when I turned around there under the manger was a huge clutch of eggs. Awh huh now I am rethinking the whole chicken coop idea...they seem happy there. So I will make a poles for them lower the roll up door and let them stay there....I think free range is better for everyone anyway...Who but this farm fairy gets eggs while the snow flurries fly? And boy they will be happy about the water and feed in the tent.

Okay you all have a great day and hope you are all well....hugsxoxoxo


Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday Farm Fairy,

Please go easy for a few days if you can, okay ???
I think being worn out still might mean that your body isn't totally healed yet... (No thanks to Rocky, but thank goodness you could fall asleep again !)

If the chickens like the space they created, let them stay there. Free range may be just what they wanted ! Eggs during snow flurries are amazing !

Blessings to you and Bruno.

lauren said...

Okay, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Ang... please take a nice warm bubble bath by candlelight and have a drink of your favorite relaxing drink (coffee for you, i assume?)!!!!!!

Hubby's Gramma is you in 50 years. Last winter she told us a story about how she went out to break the ice on the cow's water bin. And of course, there was that fall a few months ago, where she was trying to move her "electric washer" (the first model electric clothesringer, I do believe), and she slipped and fractured her shoulder. She epitomizes strength, as her husband died 11 years ago and she has kept up with what is left of her farm oh so well.

So glad the hens found a way to surprise you a little and brighten your spirits. Hope your DH comes home so you can give eachother well-needed massages soon!!!!