Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Snowing

Good Morning everyone....It snowed yesterday for an hour but it is now snowing and sticking this morning. And it is coming down sideways. So I am now snuggled down with the fire going and two cats content to lay upon the sofa back and watch an old movie...( Americas Sweethearts)

I never spend the time to watch news or anything like whats hot whats new....I would rather watch the history channel....

Anyway I get to see hubby in a few weeks he has found a place to live 4 minutes from the job which gives him an extra hour sleep, which he needs more than life itself. He will travel to Wenatchee tomorrow to get the boots he ordered and then hopefully spend the rest of the day resting. I have been looking at some short three day trips to snag him away...Something that I can only dream about at this point, as it appears that the 7days aweek maybe rather close....

In the mean time I am down to a few bales of feed and will have to locate some and get it delivered...The problem is that here we have a case of highway feed robbery...a whopping $245.00 a ton....!!! A shock from the $95.00 we paid in Wenatchee...And half the time it is not the high end to go with the price of gold they charge. I spent a day looking to buy a semi truck load and split it 4 ways with three others who need feed. I think it will be far cheaper in the long run and maybe we can get a better quality of feed.


Loving Annie said...

Good morning Farm Fairy ! Cool pisture of the snow with the branches of that tree was next to it !

That is excellent that Bruno found a place so close to his work ! Good that he can get the much needed sleep !

How long is the 7 day thing likely to keep going ? Is there an end in sight this year ???

Hope the Semi truck thing works out, and the quality of the feed is what you'd like.

The Mommy Diaries said...

hey sweetie..glad to see you are feeling better. website is completed..after 6 days, migraines, kids, and life It's done. go look at it. shopping cart included. I learned some new things along the way. hope it meets your approval. feel free to change language/descriptions/whatever. Please be carefully on me..I could break like an egg. hubby is taking me on a date next friday night. Finally. Haven't had one since october.