Monday, February 19, 2007

Which one won?

Okay sorry for the delay....busy farm stuff, broken suv's and rain and....

Okay so Buluga loved laying under a tree...a blue spruce...rolling on her back and would lolli in the wind whenever possible. See loved the green grass....the light blue reminds me off the sky in Wenatchee ( her happiest times) The light blue one has a total of 9 stones ( Brunos favorite number)

So it is the sky blue one!!!


Loving Annie said...

Good Monday morning, Farm Fairy !

Enjoy your pretty light blue topaz with the peridot and diamonds !

It is a lovely reminder of your beloved Beluga, and sweet that it has bruno's favortie number associated with it as well.

It is raining here too, for which I am very grateful. It was so dry, the hills really needed it !

My daffodils and iris bullbs are beginning to poke their cheerful heads up and let the garden know they are visiting until the roses begin to bloom again !

Hope the SUV is easily fixable and all is well on the farm.


NoMas said...

Good choice - that ring really is very pretty - just like your beloved's beautiful brown eyes.

The Mommy Diaries said...

that was the one you were leaning towards on the phone. Hope your days calm down..

Farm Wife said...

Good Choice, Farm Fairy! And even better reasoning! I love the symbolism in the ring.