Thursday, March 01, 2007

Morning Snow

It is just started to snow yet again!!!


lauren said...

brrr... it's rainy and chilly here today. i'd rather have snow!!!

Farm Wife said...

How Very Pretty!! Although I do not agree with Lauren...I do not deal well with snow.

Loving Annie said...

Good Friday Morning to you and Bruno and critters, Farm Fairy !
How are you feeling today ? Is it still snowing ?
Hope after everyone is fed you are still able to take it easy and relax inside by the fire with a good cup of coffee.
When is Bruno going to be able to come home again ? He must miss you, big time. Is he happy with his new place closer to work ?
Still VERY impressed with your handling your finances so well. That must be a good feeling. A very good feeling.

Loving Annie said...

Hope you are having a good Sunday, Farm Fairy !