Friday, April 20, 2007

Mr Bondo's Comment

Thank you for your post Bondo! I do see why one would think we have created a monster.While I do agree that we as a whole are responsible for some of these flaws we are as a whole not to blamed. When this persons own family has had concerns one must ask if it not possible that he started out with just the right ingredients for this to happen. I too know that others have the same thing happen and they do not find themselves in a murderous rage that is carried out in such a final manner. I would agree almost wholly with Bondo on this matter if there was not so many warning flags , statements, mental hospitals, school instructors and students who refused to deal with this person. I think in the whole there was plenty to take concern about. I do not think that a few of these alone would be cause for a knee jerk reaction, but given the entire amount of info coming to light yes, indeed it was enough for the common person to have reason to believe that this person could snap. This is no different then a drunk driver who continues to be destructive with his illness, he will at some point if not stopped end up driving and killing someone. We can not just take info in and file it away in of must add each to the next. One foot squares of fabric do not make a blanket, yet once each piece is added to the other we have a quilt.
I too agree that the more we have in the zombie, video murders, and the masses thinking, it does not concern me attitude, the acceptance of this behavior exceeds the balance of kindness in general.
One last thought, I feel in general some tried to reach out to this person, I believe that there are certain types that are destine to make an impact that may blacken the world in some way or another. A society as a whole does not make this kind of person, one must have the flaws already in place in order to execute such behavior. History is full of such least a hundred years worth, hence that it is easier in our new generation but it is not solely this one. I refer again to Hitler, Dommer, Green river killer, Oklahoma bomber and so forth. The basics are already ingrained, one is at a loss as to what will create the possibilities further.If one continues to do or say nothing anything is possible.

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Frankie Bondo said...

Dearest Farm Fairy: I do not disagree with you regarding saying or doing nothing when red flags start adding up. What is it, exactly, that you would have us do? Lock all these people up indefinitely? Who will make these decisions? What if someone were to dig into YOUR life and make a determination that YOU should be removed from society? The real problem here is that this guy was nothing more than a TERRORIST and this form of terrorism is virtually un-defenseable. Keep our eyes open? You bet. Look for red flags in people? Certainly. But most importantly I feel that we should, as a society, start setting an EXAMPLE...The acorn does not fall far from the tree...