Saturday, April 21, 2007

Moments ahead.....

In a few hours I will drive to Leavenworth, Washington to meet Bruno for a one night romantic getaway. A quaint luxury room with spa, fireplace sparkling cider and chocolates....We both need the break and one night is better than nothing in reality we need 10 days one the beach minus all the chaos. And lets face it finding one who would and can stay here for that amount of time is pretty unlikely.

I have a SUV full of things like good sheets, clean dress shirts fresh from the dry cleaners, a foam mattress pad, a microwave poached egg cooker, 3 dozen farm fresh eggs, a computer desk and another blanket. And myself with camera, cell phone and one tired tushy...

The John Deere broke down after I thought I had fixed it with a little tweak and a new battery...So I have called for a pick up and repair. I have let the horses loose to "mow" down the front yard.

Flip woke me at 2am to his mournful cries and I have learned to not hear it. I have put a radio down there on and low. He still shivers while I try to pet him with my heavy leather gloves on.

The fireplace that Miss Savannah chewed has been repaired and is working better than ever. We too have installed a new fan in the bathroom, and I have yet to figure out how to operate it.Just too many buttons...Who knew?

And Mr. Baldwin shame on you. You have scared your daughter for ever. She is a child. I know of no person who would say this to their child. I can not see how what has been said would ever be OK in any context nor for any reason. Bullies say rubbish like that.Clearly statement of this magnitude made to a child makes it worst. I do not know if you have the wisdom to understand that words have power. To heal, to harm as well as to encourage every person. This clearly is not one of your most personal stellar moments. A new caliber, even for you.

Well my friends enjoy the day and all that it holds for you. Please keep your prayers going for Grace.

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