Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twisted Tuesday

Okay twisted? Yes! Why? Well I manage in inadvertently capture Flip down in the empty basement. Where I have put food,water, blanket and a litter box. I held him for five minutes while he squirmed and tries to escape. He finally purred, reluctantly. I then returned him down stairs. At just after midnight the heart aching cries began. It was all I could do to resist on letting him back out. He is wild, not use to the luxury of the inside world. Bruno and I will make him tame in time. Poor little boy. He is now upstairs, trying to find away out...and I am calling him and he cries, a sorrowful one that makes you hurt and cringe at how truly pitiful he sounds. In the mean time I put the bunnies inside the cages so Flip would not make a meal of them. He has lived on the feed and in the barn for just over a year now. The thunder and lightning are to start and frankly I want everyone inside safe and sound. Well wish me luck making him part of the snuggle family...why not add just one more to the bed, maybe I can turn off the electric blanket by June with enough cats pinning me down.Flip is going from one window and door to the next with that pitiful cry..Pray I can resist his begging to be released. Uh, and that I can find a vet who will neuter him, despite him being a wild barn cat. Hope you all have a wonderful day. And really it should be tragic Tuesday...Sad how our world is so far advanced yet things like the Virgina Tech Holocaust yesterday can happen.Pray that none of us know a family whos lost one of their own. May life be good and safe for you all today. Love you all.

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Anonymous said...

don't give into the crys. remember how long it took to capture the bugger. i can remember being out there trying to creep up on him when he was a small fry..now he's HUGE!!