Friday, April 20, 2007

Dear Mr. Bondo,

Dearest Bondo,

As you know I adore you. And these are all very valid questions that may take a millennium to address. I do not pretend to know the future regarding this. I do know however our future will always be predicted by our past. It is sad to know that our planet has yet to achieve true peace, collective or otherwise. I myself can only attempt to be a better guardian of my little world. My very reach is small and limited. What more can I alone do? I am not one of the greats whom can or will change the fabric of our land, the safety of our innocent nor will I make a great speech as Martin Luther King did.I alone am a small and humble servant that with the help of my fellow man , might in time be able to accomplish what so many hope for.A kindness towards man, a prayer for peace, patience that the future will be a bigger blessing than our past , an understanding that we are capable of such hope and a grace to know that we can not and will not change alone but that together that we may find a way to change for the better.

If one looks hard enough into any life one will find sin, dishonor, lack of judgement as well as a million other horrible choice, mine included. We have history that says what the REAL warning signs are...I do not claim to be wise enough to make judgements like this. There are others who as a collective group could be evaluating such things. I do believe that some had spoken ( in this case), rational people with valid concerns and spoke about them. I think in hindsight one would ( at least myself) would consider that removing one to save so many others would be considered heroic.I do not mean to incarcerate one as much as keep a vigilant eye on one. We do this to child molesters
( whom may or may not murder do we not?) Did several people make a choice to ensure that a plain would crash in a field to save so many others on 911? Did we not eventually decide that the fate of our army ( knowing all along blood would spill) still go into a country to save the masses from Hitler? It is a delicate question as to what and how as well as where the lines are drawn. They are grey at the very best. And should we do nothing do you not think that any further fate will fall upon yet more innocent lives? At what risk? Who do we save the one or the many others? And yes I realize that it is a dramatic thought and one that in each of us we ponder. Do we save our children over ourselves? Who would you choose? If your sweet daughter was at this place what would you have hoped had happened verses what did happen? Would you have wanted to save her? I would think each father who at this very moment is choosing on what his child will be buried in is wondering what he would have said or done or insisted upon happen to protect his little girl. I would hope that those of us had the desire to watch over each other knowing that one watched is far better than even one dead. Yes indeed it does sound as if we are our brothers keepers I know but what if we could keep more lives saved then endangered.

I wish for peace when there is little evidence of it and yet with Evey fiber of my soul I believe it is possible.

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