Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A copy of the pen & ink blog part 1

It is just before 6am and the power is out and I am paper blogging and will post as soon as I have power and phone….we ended up with over 7 inches of snow at this point ( most unusual) and I have checked on the horses every two hours and feed them every 4 hours at this point. We are just a fraction over sea level and we do not see this sort of thing often. It is still nice to know I know how to use pen and ink. Anyway I managed to talk to hubby for a few minutes and I told him the news and he just could not believe it. That I was okay and all settled in and had all that I need. There is no power which means no water….no heat and no toilet…I do have the propane fire place and the stove is propane and hence the light I write by. I had the fore sight to grind coffee and put up 10 gallons of water, knowing I’d not have power at some point…But all coffee freaks have a back up and I had mine. I boiled water and put it through the coffee filter…Hence I’m not a crazy person this morning as I have my beloved coffee fix. I put the milk outside and a few other things that the coyotes would not get.

I had started to read hubby’s book by firelight last night up till the power came on. I had to call Direct T.V. for the television problems a sweet girl in Los Vegas spent the better part of 20 minutes on the phone with me and resolved the problem….A few minutes later I realized that several local channels were not there so I called back and Chris in the Oklahoma office had that too fixed in short order, just in time for me to let my mind relax and watch my Desperate Housewives and maybe the news. It was a short while into the 10 o’clock news when I lost power again I had just enough time to grind at least 4 days of coffee and get more water put up…I was able to watch something and keep my mind off of Buluga and not break into tears for just awhile. The lights flickered on then off in a matter of 3 seconds. Grey Slinky kitty and I are in front of the fire place with no place to go nor a desire to do so. I am a bit worried about being without power for too long…I filled the horse trough and the one for the alpacas as soon as the power was on. Hey will turn into huge ice cubes if the power does not come on soon. Once day light breaks I’ll go out and feed everyone and break the ice. It is just that hue of blue on white that is magical. I had wanted hubby and have a romantic walk. But he had left back to the other side early as the forecast was a warning and with the heaviest traffic day and all he was gone by 10 am. By the time he mad it over Stevens pass we had loads of snow. He stopped at Nancy’s to check on her and she was sad to hear the news about Buluga. She is doing pretty well considering she lost both her hubby and mother in a months time.

Anyway the snow and problems are to continue until tomorrow, I’m fine here not having hot water and the worst part is not having a toilet. But I being me have an outhouse plan and will be forced to use it if the power stays off for too longed. I charged the cell phone while I had a moment and will use it sparingly. I will be able to use Microsoft. word on my laptop till I run out of battery. The phone lines did not make it past 10 last night. 60 miles North of Seattle just does not see this very often and the whole area for the most part comes to a grinding halt. I remember being in Colorado and the snow never stopped anyone. I guess it depends on the area to the reaction. I will take some photos of the ranch and will post them the minute I get phone and power.

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