Tuesday, November 28, 2006

part 7

It is snowing adding to the now 13 inches on the ground. My socks are soaking wet again and I will have to retape them again once they dry, welcome to the Hallyville red and green show. The tape around the top did keep the snow out of the tops and I am grateful for that I will be digging out hubby’s Sorrels in a bit after I warm up. I figure with the extra pair of socks the will fit just fine.

There is a small patch of blue towards my folk’s house on Camano Island a short 8 miles away. They too are out of power and cut off for the most part. They are fine and I was able to have power for 27 minutes, long enough to call them, Liz and Ang. I got water and coffee…I’m golden NOW!

The Christmas tree farm across the way is light by his generator other than that there is no light. A few PUD trucks and a tow truck and some guy selling wood from the back of his pick up truck. He stopped by the two houses up the road and then here…

You can already tell it will be a very cold night. That thing in the air that just tells you so. Ang too had called to let me know another cold air was coming in from Canada, Thanks Inkling!

Slinky is fast to sleep in front of the fire and Thomas the moose is out killing mice with Charlie. I have not seen the baby in over a week now. Rocky and Aida are on the John Deere which I am rather certain is a much bigger crime then on the handrail. Yes, darling I did get them off that right away and put them in the army tent. Okay? I know you MIGHT be checking on me…..in cyber land…..

I am having one of those moment remembering Buluga plowing her nose thru the snow her cute face covered and so happy….

Yes, that did make me cry. but I did go four hours without crying about her before hand.. It is so quiet right now and that allows my mind to go to places that I should try harder to protect…ok that is the memorial snivel for the moment…I am trying!

I made a pot of coffee with the 27 minutes of power we had to reheat it later, when needed….At least I have it better than most a gas stove, leaving me to have hot food, instead of PBJ! Last Christmas I was able to make dinner despite not having power for over 4 days.It will be dark in the barn before too long..Gotta go for now..Thank heavens for the cell phone updates from Ang..As she is my only news from the outside..Thanks Honey!

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