Sunday, November 26, 2006

Technical Difficulties due to Power Outage

Hi It's Ang AGAIN!

Just got a call from Temera and she asked me to post to her blog for ya'll.

She is home with Thomas (orange cat) and Slinky (gray cat) surrounding her, with large heavy blanket, reading glasses, 556 page book, fireplace (light and warmth).

The phone call was short due to her calling me on her cellphone. She has no way to charge it if the battery should die. Her landline phones are all cordless and do not work without power.

Apparently the corner at the end of her property, the streets next to her property are now closed to public unless you live on the street due to wreckless driving and slippery conditions.

I have checked the news and have been calling PUD for her but unable to obtain any information for her.

I just called her again and she says to post here for her.

Oh and she shared this too, Rocky and Ada have decided to become Guard Rooster, Guard Hen. They have perched themselves on the back porch planter box tonight. She says she thinks she got a picture of the moment and will try and post later.

Please keep her in your prayers tonight, and she'll post when she can.


Anonymous said...

Jealous? No more!!! I like my power!!

Country Joe Gilhooley said...

It might be a good idea to go to the goodwill store and get old analog phone to have around the house for just such an event....

lauren said...

the pics are beautiful. praying for your power to come back on and for you to stay warm. you do have a wood-burning stove of some sort, i hope? (or fireplace). i think if i live that far north again, we'll have to have a woodburning stove. i have lots of childhood memories of coming in from scenes like you've pictured, putting my mittens, boots and soaked clothing in front of the wood stove, and drinking hot chocolate.

lauren said...

oops, of course you have a fireplace. ang said so. stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I just read Ang's post. I'm sorry you still have no power. Stay warm (as possible) and be safe. Prayin' for you guys!!