Tuesday, November 28, 2006

part 8

had spent the better part of the early evening searching for enough power cords to make it to the water troughs…I managed to find both the new heaters we had in the barn and all before it was dark. The moon looked wonderful as the sky turned blue about the same shade my lips were turning… I was ready whenever the power came on…In the mean time I boiled a crab pot full of water and poured it all over the frozen water in the 110 gallon tank. At least it was not frozen for a few moments. And I prayed that the power would return soon as I was sure that I would have a huge ice cube to deal with. The creek had not frozen so the alpacas would be fine for the time being.

It is to be very cold below 25 degrees and it is only to get colder according to Ang’s update. I hooked up both heaters zip stripping the one for the horses as Playboy enjoys tossing it out when he can. Hence the holes that we drilled on the side of the plastic 110 gallon tank. I have no phone so no internet so I will check on Inkling through Ang…. I am hoping she is settled in and feeling better. It is 15 degrees according to the thermometer on the cold side of the house.

I will take a long shower the minute the power is on and will stand in there like my hubby does, a nice long 25 minute shower…I love the propane on demand hot water. You never run out of hot water. Yahoo! I will feed everyone then jump in the hot water …I am cold to the bone.. Something we just never have here.

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