Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Update for Farm Fairy Followers

Ang, your roving reporter here is checking in for Farm Fairy via Halleyville Blog.

I have just gotten off the cell phone with Temera and she is doing fine.

Currently she has power but a Verizon truck has stopped by her home and told her she could be now without land line phone service/internet service for a few more days. Now this reporter says currently she has power, because she has lost power several times during the last 48-72 hours.

Ok Updates on Farm Fairy Animals:

Horses are wearing blankets, although Playboy seems to be finding ways to remove it like a typical kid, getting it dirty in the roundpin and tromping on it. While she has power Temera runs the blankets through the dryer to dry them and warm them up for them. Currently they are being fed every 4 hours but because the freeze is not letting them up she's going to start feeding them every 3 hours. She's currently going through a bale of hay a day. Ok she told me the terminology for this next thing but again I seemed to have forgotten the proper word. So forgive this next description. She has put the heaters into the water of the horse and alpaca troughs to keep the water from freezing. (It works when she has power)

Alpacas are now moved to the barn, and are not roaming the pasture. They are huddled up to keep warm.

Rocky and Ada are taking roost now in the Garden Shed. Rocky has made it a point now to peck at the glass or door during his morning Crowing to be Temera's alarm clock and will not stop until Temera opens the door and says good morning. The other hens have gone and taken roost around the horse shelters despite her trying to put them into the barn.

She has stated that Power, Phone and a couple of neighbors have stopped by her home to check on her. Her mom and dad are safe and Liz is safe too.

Charlie (the momma cat of the farm) caught a mouse while I was on the phone with her yesterday and apparently Charlie felt the need to roll and frolics in the snow while playing with her partial kill. In other words let me torture this small mouse before I completely kill it.

Flip(Charlie's baby)has not been seen or heard from in a couple of days. She did see her/him a few days ago and said it is extremely fat and she's concerned that it might be worms. However she can't get close enough to Flip Flop to make sure it would get the wormer and not the chickens from eating the catfood.

She found coyote tracks in pasture but she has her shotgun ready to make sure they (coyote's) don't touch her babies.

I just ordered online propane for her to keep her going.

I have updated her on Inkling, and
Farm Wife, and Grace and Bondo.

The trees across the street have fallen and are hanging over her mailboxes. She's trying to cut them back so the mailperson can get to her mailbox as well as other neighbors. But she can't get them back so she'll be calling the neighbor to have her brother take the branches down with his chainsaw.

She keeps checking the property and some of the trees branches have snapped off because of the cold, but nothing has damaged anything yet.

You can leave a message here and I'll relay it to her or on my blog and I'll relay it to her.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so is anyone else having visions of Pa Ingalls tieing Ma's clothesline to the back of the house and following it to the barn so he wouldn't get lost in the snow while he fed the animals!! Okay, maybe not, maybe it's just because I (being the mature 32 year mother of three that I am) just finished reading the entire "Little House" series, AGAIN. "The Long Winter" is my favorite one of the series. It all seems so cozy when your not the one living thru it!! I feel for you having to go out in the cold to feed everyone, brrr.