Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Part 2

The horses had their blankets on them but one, Playboy whom it seems has no use for such nonsense. It was too late to switch the blankets after I realized I had put the wrong blanket on Jezzy and it looked as if a little kid had put on his daddy’s overcoat. They all looked at me, more a glare then a look… Them in their green horse blankets, now soaking wet. I removed the two off the horses and found the other, muddied and frozen solid to the earth. I had planned on putting them in the dryer and then put them back on before nightfall. But the power still has not appeared .I fed them some extra grain to stave off the cold and will begin to feed them every four hours until it is above 35 degrees. I task that although seems over board to anyone but me and the few horse freaks know that as they chew they warm… The sweet grain will too keep them from being to cold. I had to boil water to add to the troughs as they had frozen to at least three inches thick. It is now 29 degrees. The coffee was good but I can not make another cup a fear of running out of the stuff makes me wait, till I can grind more. For if the power stays off longer then 24 hours I’ll be a mess minus the coffee.

I took loads of photos and downloaded them onto the laptop when I ran out of room. It is amazing that we no longer have to use film and we get to see the photos in real time. Making it possible to retake any that do not look just so.

My socks are soaking as the new boots have not arrived at the feed store yet. So now they are drying by the fire along with my gloves and hat.

I am now in from feeding the babies and Slinky and I are now settled in fire going and my one little cup of coffee. The alpacas were in the barn and not a drop of snow on them proving to me they did not venture out very far other than for a little water and to go to the bathroom. The trees were beginning to crackle and snapping soon followed and I was able to snap my own photo of the branches as they met the earth. The heavy snow and the wind started and the limbs came down one by one. It is still snowing small endless flakes; even now they seem to not be ending anytime soon.

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