Tuesday, November 28, 2006

part 6

The overtime checks that the power and phone guys will have at the end of this will be huge….but it just seems to me that when I lived in Japan in a small town 6 train stations from Yokahoma , that all the lines were in the ground and they rarely would be without power…Just a thought of an idea that we being the U.S. would do that as well…Think of it , logic! Ha!

It is late in the day and I tapped duct tape over the hole in my boot and around my pants , and took some food out to the horses. It is snowing harder then ever and the horses are refusing to stay under cover…I divided the grain and feed into small portions to keep them warmer.

Several people have slid off the road and have just left their cars wherever they landed. Hiking there way back, why they left one can only guess. I personally question their sanity to begin with…Why they have not gotten at least a kit together enough so as not to leave is beyond my thinking. The wind is picking up and we are hit hard here.

I have only the two rooms to heat and have shut the doors as to make sure we are warm enough and will not waste the heat for other rooms that I can not even use. Our old farm house is old enough that when built it had two fireplaces and two wood cook stoves (those are long gone) but the fireplaces remain. And so I now 60 plus years later do as they must have during cold times like this, shut up what is not in use and keep as warm as possible.

I wonder what the folks were like who built this house. Did the wife like I write a love note on a board that would be hidden for years so that maybe when we are long gone some new bride would be out here taking apart something and find the sweet note that I left for my hubby? Would they laugh and hope that she loved him like it was clear from my note how much I loved mine?

In 30 some days will be three years ago hubby and I had our reunion date…On New Years Eve, we stood in each others presence and we just KNEW….and then my true love married me several weeks later on Saint Valentines Day. Funny the first day I had met him I had said that I could not wait to spend the rest of my life as your wife, at which point my hubby did a 7 year marathon … I being me waited and decided his resistance was futile and I would be near by when he stopped running.. (Every man I know would have ran unless drunk or drugged) And he did and I was right there…okay still missing him…….

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