Tuesday, November 28, 2006

part 10

I woke up and boiled the coffee and tada POWER! Yahoo …I get a shower…I get a shower….I dashed out and feed everyone and pulled another bale out of the barn…got in and peeled off my wet cloths and jumped into the shower for a whopping 26 minutes…My hubby would be proud that I was able to stay in that long. I realized that the hairdryer had pooped out and I would have wet hair…I then remembered a hair dryer in the art studio that I was able to use….No phone or internet but a shower was more then I could hope for.

I was able to speak to hubby and he told me that it was 8 degrees there and I was grateful that he had taken the lined Carthart ‘s as a storm was heading his way. He had offered to leave them for me and I refused the offer…I had planned on letting the horses loose but the interior hotwire was down and I could not keep them safely off of them.

I had told him about last night, me out in the cold and dark with my hat and a flash light tucked into it like a headlamp.

I too have television for a moment maybe, the news is wild and people are leaving their cars on the road…whether for frustrations or just out of gas…I am thinking walking on the freeway while cars are out of control seems like a really very bad idea…I know I’m a safety freak like that…Go figure. It will be problematic to clear the freeways and just who thought it a good idea to go to a Seahawks game in this weather…??? Ang said the news told people NOT TO DRIVE unless it is critical…How a ball game is that I have yet to get. I have no such idiot idea to even think about leaving. Anyway the gate is frozen shut!

Poor Inkling is getting her fair share up there just north of us…And I worry that she is not prepared for the cold…4 degrees is pretty cold……not including the wind chill!!!

I put the blankets in the dryer and will have them dried in the near future.

It is that early morning blue and I can see two stars…and clear skies seem to be here, although it is frigid cold.

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