Tuesday, November 28, 2006

part 3

I had shut the computers down as a precaution and the lap top Ang had given me was my priority. I am able to keep my blog on it while I have battery.

And when I run out of battery I will get back to the book hubby had just finished “Flags of out fathers” It is good so far considering that I rarely read books this new…my preference is the 1800’s to the early 1900’s… I care little if at all for fiction, no use no learning and frankly boring…Give me the history of how every Roman Emperor died and I will be lost for hours on end.

Both cats are in and seem to have no plans to go out…There is no litter box in the house and I will toss them out as soon as it is a bit warmer…for at least 15 minutes. I set dry crumble out for the chickens that are not pleased with this in any form what so ever. Rocky is so tweaked that he has started to crow and carry on as if I had dismembered him.

When I opened the kitchen door to call Slinky and Thomas in for the night there on the handrail was Rocky perched next to the house, Aida was on the stoop not being able to get up, so she let me pick her up and put her next to Rocky. There they perched snuggled into one another. Hubby told me he did not want them there and I needed to find another place for them, so I moved them and called it a night. This morning just before 5 am I could hear him carrying on. I could tell where he was he had returned to the handrail and I would soon be going to hell for this I was certain.

Anyway I will keep you up to date the best I can, via Ang and our calls of me checking in. She seems to be lucky enough to have power. In the mean time know I have all the critters taken care of and will be checking on them every few hours while we have the cold and snow. I too will try to finish the book in between cooking up some soup and biscuits. Slinky and I are settled down on Bulugas bed and under a snuggly blanket reading and watching the snow drift down from Heaven. It is all a rather wonderful sight.

Inkling had said she was watching a pbs series , one that I was able to watch here …The tragic fact that my hubby and I would thrive in that show/program should surprise no one who knows us…We are a tough pair he and I and we would be fine in the 1800’s.. I do know that if it all went nuts for some reason hubby and I would be one of those folks who would manage very well. I am married to a pretty amazing guy. Incredibly smart, the smartest guy I have ever met. He is tough and fearless and adaptable who could ask for anything more? I’m missing him can you tell? It is so quiet and rather lonely without Buluga here. I too miss her a great deal as she was by my side each day….

The PUD trucks have all checked on me and say that power may be several days away.
I will keep the fire going and settle down for a few hours with the book.

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