Tuesday, November 28, 2006

part 4

I sat here on the sofa trying to focus my attention on the book… An impossible task as the silence was shattered by people who figured the road closed sign was a mistake or not meant for them and their well being… A fact that all had missed to one degree or another. Two simple little words, meaning NO! STOP! But hence people have lost their logic and I for one sit here wracking my head wondering why in the world anyone would ignore the sign. For the most part they all spent time sliding backwards towards out fence for the better part of 40 minutes. Authorities stop by to check on folks who could not understand the “road closed” signs and had to be pulled out or pushed … I’ll never know what they expect they are doing. I suspect one of these nincompoops will smash into our fence. I had already moved all the animals to the far pastures… Regardless it seems stupid to be out in this and it is only getting worse as the hours go by. And since no one has power I
Can not figure out for the life of me where they might be off too.

The only noise I hear is the few cars, snapping trees and the low whistle of a train off in the far distance.. My mind tries to pretend that it is the 1890’s and I have settled in for the moment. I figure I have about 20 days of food. More than most people do I am sure. I little water I have will be used sparingly…At least till I have power and can refill the water.

Rocky clearly has no real sense of time as it is just past ten and he is going for round three…trees are snapping and the wind is blowing a bit and there he is out there carring on and on, causing a ruckus of sorts. His serenade is going on and on a rather sad and pathetic mourning sound. Do you think he is missing Buluga and her chasing him off the porch? It is time to go back out and do the rounds. Check the fences and water. I will get another bale of feed up here and recheck the water. The John Deere will not make it through the now 10 inches of snow. This means I will have to load one bale at a time into the muck cart and drag it up the hill to the car port. A struggle against the snow with the 65 pounds on the cart….

I’ll not be going further than the edges of the property. Inkling I hope you are snuggled up and keeping warm I heard from Ang that it is even colder there. For some stupid reason I turned the fireplace off, what was I thinking I’ll never know, but I did manage to flip it on while it was still hot enough to reignite it. Where my head was I’ll never know. Well I’m going to bundle up and update you later…

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