Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Power, Phone & internet

We have lift off...at least for the moment!!! I can only hope ..My adventures to the 1890's was fun for like a minute...But all is well and the horses gave me a rodeo as I tried to get the fresh & dried blankets on them. I had to be sturn with Jezzy about it going to be well below zero...He finally saw that he was being loved on with a warm blanket, fresh out of the drier....The muddy frozen one is in the carport still frozen still...Thank heavens we had a back up one in the barn.....I think that I nay just take another shower as it took me an hour to get the chores done and the water troughs filled and all...I checked in with the folks and now am waiting for honeys call.


Anonymous said...

I love ya babe and can't believe ya wrote so much..But I know others will love reading your words as I can do no justice in your writing style.

Stay warm and dry

Anonymous said...

wow girlfriend! I really enjoyed the read! It's amazing how being just 45 minutes south makes such a difference! We didn't get much in the way of snow after Monday night (total of 3 inches), but the ice and bitter cold kept the school closed this AM, enough of an excuse to stay home myself. I REALLY look forward to getting back to work tomorrow after this SIX day weekend. Phew! Can you say...cabin fever! Take care and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the incredible story. I sat here and read the entire thing. I'm sittin' here shivering and it's been 60 degrees here today. Keep working, it's got to end some time!!

lauren said...

Ok, my snow envy has passed. The pics are beautiful, but I can't imagine having to do what you do in that cold wetness!

Glad to hear power is back for you- may it stay that way!

I really enjoyed reading about your experience. I never expected Seattle would have the same difficulties we have here in Nashvegas, I mean Nashville.