Saturday, December 02, 2006

Just past 6am

Rocky woke me at 5am and I was able to sleep for a few moments more...Right up till he was just outside the window in the bedroom at which time he let the full grown serenade start. I opened the window and said goodmorning and begged him for 15 minutes more of sleep. His response said "I think not" and finished his 2nd course...I made it past the cats who refused to move of the electric blanket. I had wondered if I had set the coffee pot to the right time finally, I did and the coffee is good had planned on cleaning up the mud and muck that the now melting snow is creating as well as some other chores.

Reality is that I am just thinking about Inkling seeing her family, the breathless moment when she gets to fall into her families arms ..Them seeing her glow and how happy she is. The beauty that she gets to show them around her. If you have ever been to the west coast of Canada you know what I'm talking about. All of Canada is wonderful..My uncles and Aunts all live up there and as a kid our family vacations were spent with them or visiting my great grandmother. I met all my mums uncles and aunties. We would go way up north, then to Jasper or Calgary. I saw my first caribou, moose and mountain sheep. Their curled horns to which I would beg my mom to go hug..( I was fearless even at 3!) So my dear Inkling have a wonderful time. I am watching the news and traffic reports...All is fine a little fog and a bit of rain but nothing to worry about. If they run into trouble have them call Ang or myself and we will go help them..Check your e-mail for our phone numbers okay? Have a wonderful time and we will see you after the 9th! Hugs to you,

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