Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things leave for repair

Well a large box truck left here with things from the basement for repair...They are coming back this morning for the rest of it. I had unplug the coffee pot yesterday morning spent a few minutes getting it ready to return, thinking I had time to run up to Costco for the exchange....of course the plan was altered and other things got done , people showed up. I then spent the better part of four hours inventorying and packing up things from the storage container. Found time slipping away. I had planned on dinner at a friends last night and was running late but managed to make lemon curd cake to take with me. I was home by 8:30pm. I had spent the remainder of the night cleaning the kitchen and fell asleep on the sofa waking up at 4am...The day ahead is busy too...I did try to set the coffee pot for 3am, which the kind pot decided to really work, I am grateful for the really good coffee.

The income tax return paperwork will be started in the next few days.I think it will go okay although part of the paperwork is packed away in the container. I too have managed to keep track of the inventory and the paperwork involving the loss for the insurance adjuster. She is taking baby leave around the third week of February...Hoping Bruno will send the receipt for the things he replaced while over there.

Okay time seems to be slipping away just in the last few minutes and I seem to be running late. Hope everyone is well and that life is slow and peaceful today.

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Micky said...

One single event can really pull the plug in your life ehh?