Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pop's at home

mI really do hate shopping, but I went anyway and spent a whopping 23.14 and that my friends was the end of it..I stopped at the Wal-mart for some paper goods and a package of mascara as there was no way I wanted to fight my way into Macy's for my regular mascara....I was pretty fed up and was starving, which led my to test drive the new place
Johnny Carino's
...I ordered what is usually one of my faves chicken Marsala...Frankly it was pretty bad...The waiter asked how it was and I said it was mediocre at best. The next thing I know I am sitting with a charming gal named Laura... We spoke about the lunch and I said it was not necessary to make me something else, in the end She had another dish made for me...It was WONDERFUL!!! I was so pleased by the second dish. I can be like the food critic from the New York Times...I am spoiled with great food ALL the time and hubby and I have found only one place within 20 miles of our place that is worthy of going out for any meal. Laura came back we sat and chatted about things, food and life...I may have made a new friend, she is happy go lucky and has the nicest way about her. She gave me coupons for dessert and more food. I said I would be back. Im thinking I need to get a girls lunch together and go descend on my Laura at Carinos soon! We exchanged info and I hope to hear from her soon.

Now I had got a call from mum about dad in recovery. He may have to stay the night, so mum came home and I went out there with my laundry in tow and waited for the call from the hospital. So at 5pm last night I drove mum to the hospital to go pick him up. He was dressed and ready to escape the joint in record time. So I left with dad in good hands and happy to get warm in front of the fire and my laundry folded .. I dropped of the script and was hope just before 9pm, fed a little more feed to the horses and was so tired I was in bed in less then 30 minutes.


Queen Mother said...

Yeah Pops home!!! Hope his fixing stays put.
Ya'll get lots of good rest now.

Grace said...

Glad your dad's home, the laundry's clean, and you made a new friend. Sounds like a good day!