Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Coffee Pot War II

Now as you all recall we had pot wars where the new coffee pot refused to do it's job. It was returned and replaced by a new one. It has worked for a short time and NOW has the nerve to not work yet again. This time it is the 3:30 am timer that tells it to brew...It has refused to be a good little rancher pot...And now it will pay the price and no longer have a good home...You have to work around here and that is the bottom line. Everyone and everything has a job.This in it self would not be a problem but I awoke with a migraine and caffeine is the number one ingredient in headache/migraine meds. Bruno had called and woke me at a little after 6 am and I had hoped for the hot cup of Joe which would be my friend this morning. This is the third day this new pot has not worked...It will have a ride in the car sometime today, to again be returned to Costco...It is rare we have problems with something we buy there. I had just been out that direction yesterday..I have to FORCE myself to leave and do things outside of our gate. Okay boiled water poured it in the coffee filter and have coffee that is barely passable not near the wonderful cup I am use to...well you know that means I'll have to get a mocha breve on my way to Costco!!HUH!

Well we still have not heard from the doctors or anyone else about Brunos test...We do have info on pops...on Friday he will be checking in at 5:30am for a short visit to the operating room. It seems pop is a 3%...the guy who has a little problem with a stint...So they ( the drs) will tweak the problem and pop will be able to take his three mile walks in no time at all...If you all don't mind keep him in your thoughts on Friday...

The workers return today, the dehumidifier and air movers have been going no stop since Thursday and the dehumidifier still is pumping water through it's lines without any evidence that it is close to slowing down. They had taken power washers and scrubbed the entire area. Anyway I am hoping that the work is quiet so my head does not have to battle the chaos that comes with the workers.

Bondo was to leave to return home today but the ice and a few other things have detoured him for a day....Micky will be flying to see him from Tennessee this coming week so he will have to leave soon.

Okay kids I want you all to have a good day. And hope all you girls that are sick w/kids that are under the weather are much better soon..I'm praying that you perfect in no time at all.


lauren said...

ugh... at least costco is usually good about taking things back when they have issues. i suspect that product will be replaced from their stock if it keeps up its antics.

praying for bruno and pops.

NoMas said...

No coffee. NO COFFEE!?? Uhuh - get thy non-brewing worthless pot outta here - poor girl.

Micky said...

What, no emergency Folgers coffee bags?