Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And Fall comes

sneaking in while I slept. The world as small as I try to make it has crippled my idea of putting the second coat of paint on the two remaining sides of the house.
( chilled and foggy) We have stopped all construction down stairs at this point... And Bruno has informed me he may or may not be over there till Christmas. And this next week will mark the one year of being away from home. It too marks the one year that Bondo took off to the south landing at his homestead in California. I know that life is far better there for our friend....Bruno turns 50 here soon and I know the only one he really would like for dinner is Bondo.

Anyway all seems a little out of crazy Hollywood movie.... cats, dog, bunnies all a bit restless and the fact is that I am to pack up the kitchen upstairs and basically relocate every item out of it to who knows where and then remove old cabinets all for the new ones that will arrive sometime in the next two weeks. I have a plan and it all seems rational...well sorta....i just have failed to figure out how all the dishes will get cleaned...

The horses all have to have their teeth floated and I am not looking forward to that...anyway all is right in the world for the moment (IE) i have coffee what more does this farm fairy need? Hope the heat wave takes it easy on you all....I'm wearing a sweat shirt and wish I could send you all the cool day that I have ahead of me.

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