Friday, September 07, 2007

Is it ever gonna stop?

Or something like life is creeping in my way. Each turn,every act I am faced with a detour of one sort or another. And feel like I am climbing up a never ending ladder..Or one of those treadmills that you never gain real mileage. So am so beyond tired and just want it to all stop. I found that I have no patience for ANYTHING...small or large....It all seems huge. I can not finish the second coat of paint with the fog as I can not bear the blisters that follow.So the heat wave that should be arriving will assist me in returning to the job.I am glad we painted ourselves (mom & I) it looks far better than what it would have.

I need sleep...real deep sleep a thing that seems to be just out of reach for this farm fairy. I am easily angered and not liking people or even trying to be or act sympathetic. Any kindness that I have is someplace in me waiting for a worthy person. I know that this is all rather shocking but in general I do not care for people or like most of them on any regular basis.I choose with caution these days.

I am still mad about a person whom decided that I am a thief....very long crazy story. I am MANY things....a hard ass, bit*#, complacent, hot headed , independent, prideful, overbearing, cynical , and several more things but a thief I am not. Anyway Bruno & I had a long talk about this and the people involved....And I came to the realization I have no respect for either person. So it is no real great loss at this point. It is like losing K-Mart not losing my coffee.....

Anyway I am hoping you are all well and that life is slow and peaceful.


a wandering heart said...

Life is pretty peaceful here. Hope you are able to sleep soon.

GrfxGrl2000 said...

Without knowing the story, I can say this: You are very loved and very appreciated for all that you do. I feel your words and can definitely relate, with regard to how your feelings about people in general. Boy, do I ever!

I also felt the need to tell you that you are the admiration of many. More than you'll ever know.

I wish you some much needed sleep honey! *hugs*