Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday at last

Well I did sleep right up to the phone ringing off the hook at 6:30 am....I thinking it to be off!!! Well now that I am awake and the coffee pot ( yes we did get it replaced) had the beloved java awaiting me...Alright so it was NOT hubby but farm friend Liz....I am usually up by this hour but I had not arrived to bed till late. Anyway all is well and the world seems right...Hubby is in Cashmere after a weekend of visiting friends....Okay now that I have put off doing a few things in order to update you all on the world here.... I should think that I will get to it all at some point. We have been VERY busy working and repairing, finishing and so forth on things around here. Anyone who has ever been on a small ranch will know that the work never seems to end and life is always very busy...Photos: Hubby with "buddy" on 4th of July and my lastest creation.....

Anyway I am going to get somethings done .... Have a great day!!!!!

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