Friday, March 09, 2007

Truck and Store

Well I managed to rent a huge truck and get the three boys out here and moved the entire contents of the storage container out within a three hour period. All was easy to pack once the plan was laid out. The thing is that I have turned into my husband. He would be proud that I had all the boxes together in one load and organized like I imagine the Amazon warehouse might look like. I snickered at myself when I looked at the inside of the 10x30 foot storage unit as I was closing it up again. I know once we have to move it all back in that it will be easy too as it is all put together in away that the major stuff like washer, fridge etc will all be put in first which is the first thing you see when you open the unit.

Well poor Bruno is as sick as a dog...the flu has hit him hard. So I may or may not see him. I just hope he does not push himself to hard. ( He does this ) I am getting better no place close to full speed.

Anyway I pray you are all well.Have a perfect day.

1 comment:

Loving Annie said...

That bunny is sooo cute !

Kudos to you for getting that all done so well !

Hmm, Farm Fairy, I think you and Bruno are alike in several ways ! You push yourself too hard too -- even when you are sick ! (see image of concerned cyber big sister worrying)

Glad you are feeling better, and please, still take good care of yourself.

Hope you and the animals have a good Friday, and once the chores are done, you can sit with your feet up and have a good dinner and rest...