Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well I am not up to speed but feeling much better. Hope you all are fine...And Anne you can call me whatever you like. Both are perfect to me...I did manage to get sun on my face a whopping 68degrees yesterday...a far cry from the 9 inches of snow a week ago,huh?

Okay I am going to try and get more done today, like checking on you all...Be well and have a great day....And Inkling I can not think of one thing I'd rather do than to have you out here, we'll have a wonderful lunch and visit...Ang & I can not wait!


Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday morning Temera,

Easy does it ! This flu/cold going around seems to linger... It seems like the older we get, the more we need to really rest/heal completely, so that we don't relapse !

You've got the energy of 25 women, so it sounds like 20 of them are back up and running again !

I'm glad the weather is easing up a bit, 68 degrees is nice, and I bet the animals think so too !

When do you get to see your beloved Bruno again ?

p.s. I love watching your slideshow !

Cyber-hugs !

tkkerouac said...

absolutely adorable animals.