Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snowing And Bondo

I awoke to snow and snowing. I had opened my eyes and looked towards the barn, it is then that I realized the shadow was snow. I stubble to the coffee pot and the light was out. I had set it for 3:30Am but failed to set the time to 4hours, thus the coffee was made but now cold. I heated it up and called hubby while he drove to work. I heard him say he say it was snowing here. I said it was and just resigned myself to the mess that would ensue. My only hope is that we would not have any more power outages to deal with. I was glad to wake up having power even if my failure to set the coffee pot involved my own stupidity. Hubby has a job interview tomorrow, so he packed his overnight bag and will head to Bondos for the night after work and drive to interview tomorrow morning from Bondo's place. At least they will get some guy time in. Which makes this farm fairy VERY happy. The snow is slowing and my coffee cup needs to be refilled. So I'm running late as it is ...I over slept by an hour (thankfully) and have to get ready as people are to be here by 8am. Hope you all are well and that the day is full of wonderful things. By the way the traffic news is frightful, who would go out in this I am not sure.

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Anonymous said...

Sis I can't talk on the phone my voice is gone
turn on instant messenger..

what's this about bruno?