Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sleeping past 7:30

It is almost 8am. Do you know where your farm fairy is? I woke to the cell phone ringing, thinking it some dream, finally i picked it up to hear Brunos voice raspy and low. He said go get coffee and I'll call you back. This is when I found out it was past 7:30 in the morning....somehow I had slept past Rocky and all the other ruckus that happens here. I asked hubby about their dinner and was it as wonderful as is the normal? It was perfect according to him.

The coyote I saw was even moving with cation on it, by the time I got the camera on he was over the road and under the old fence, content I'd not captured his being with the thing.

Anyway I will again wait for workers to show up. I felt it against the welfare of everyone to be driving on this mess after seeing the news of 9 semi trucks and 18 car pile up, all without serious injuries....too dangerous as far as I am thinking.

Hope you all are well keeping dry and warm.

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lauren said...

did I read correctly? did Farm Fairy sleep in? Woo hoo!!! This calls for rejoicing! Miracles DO happen, they do, they do!!!!!

Glad your hubby had a good time.

Stay safe!