Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well today Bruno comes home. He had his job interview and spent the night before up at Bondo's. Lotsa food and all the guy stuff...Bruno is planning on leaving here early to stop and have lunch with him on Sunday. I will send the Christmas box off with hubby instead of trying to ship it. Things have been so crazy here that I have yet to get to the post.

Well I finally ask Bruno how he came to that name. It is a long story and I shall tell you all later, but it seems that it is a character from a book that Bondo lent him to read.

The cleaning is coming along and all seems to be back on some track. I am hoping to get the inventory to the insurance this week.

My friend called last night and it seems that they have snow in California near her house. Rather shocking to have snow on the beach and LA is selling sweat shirts again.

I had left the house finally, in desperation as I have been without the wash machine since Christmas and headed to mom and dad's place after the workers left. I was treated to dinner and moms mack-daddy jet washer and dryer....These babies are cool.... Two loads got washed in less then two hours including drying and folding...a fraction of soap and less water...When we ever get new ones I'd like these ones...maybe when we sell the house we can just sell these making it necessary to get new ones.....Who wants to move that far hauling extra stuff anyway? Dinner was so hubby and I both got to be spoiled with good food this week already.

It is finally raining and the temp is at about 35 making the snow go. It is still chilly but at least it is not bitter cold. I hope all is well with you and yours. Keep warm today.


lauren said...

crt has one of those fancy new washers. i've also got utility room envy- actually, house envy, if i must confess. they got into a new subdivision before prices increased, and let's just say they got a good deal. their laundry room even has space for a future slop sink, something i grew up with in our basements up north, but didn't appreciate until getting my own house.

anyway, glad to hear you and bruno are getting spoiled a little. we're never to old for our parents to take care of us!

Grace said...

I have looked admiringly at those cool machines at Lowe's. Maybe when we finally get our settlement from the wreck.... yah right... must pay down the debt and do with the traditional washer and dryer for now!! My problem is that I have a jumbo size washing machine, but my dryer takes 3 cycles to dry that many clothes... so I can't use the jumbo setting... now if I were to actually keep up with my laundry and not let Mt. St. Laundry take control of my closet, this wouldn't be a problem now would it!!