Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not so peaceful sleep

Well I woke up to poor Thomas wheezing and sneezing pretty hard. I will have to take him to the vet again. I am enjoying my coffee along with caughing myself over the ferrets. I thought it was getting better, but each morning has been the same. The real problem is I like Socks and Hobbs so much, they are cute and well behaved. The tend to be quieter at night then other ferrets. They are of the weasel/mink family and usually are very active at night.

Anyway it is still cold with plenty of ice, it snowed for about three hours yesterday but for the most part was just downright cold. The trash can lids was frozen shut. And I put the horses out in one of the pastures to get warmed up and off the solid drain rock.

Well it is time to jump in the shower and get some laundry done ...The problem is I will have to stay down in the icy laundry room while the first load runs so I can see if it is still leaking all over. Okay hope you all have a wonderful day. Hubby (Bruno) will not be home this weekend but has a doctors appointment next Friday so will be here for a day or two. Maybe will go back after his appointment maybe will leave on Sunday, I am hoping for the latter but it will depend on the pressure of his job at this point. Have a god and peaceful day.

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