Sunday, January 14, 2007

Litter box training

Well Farm Wife said she would have a rabbit if she could litter train here it is easy as pie! Put bunny in his cage, put a snugly soft shirt in one corner, food in another a small shoe box with wood bunny bedding and hay and a few treats , in the last corner put triangle litter box with paper fiber litter...put a few of his droppings in there and in two two days he will only go in the litter bot. But the box in a corner outside the cage in a controlled play area and he will learn to use it there too. So there it is...BTW you have a lot of kids and dogs so I would get a bigger bunny, one who is tougher than little dwarf type like Jonas. as you can see Jonas now has free rein to play as long as the ferrets are in, he has a little bunny ramp that lets him go straight to the sofa arm and his little bunny raceway ( the sofa)....

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