Monday, December 18, 2006

oh Monday

Oh that Rockey has a huge voice. And if I had not known better I would have said the beast was on my chest screaming his lungs out. I wonder if that is like Bee and her out burst noise at the hospital. He was loud and I finally figured out the colder the morning the earlier, longer and louder the rooster goes. I am grateful for him and I do love the wake up call unlike my reaction to a plug in alarm. (not something one wants to witness)

Anyway the poor people of Seattle are still without power and it makes the news none stop. Folks did not heed warnings prior to the wind storm, not bothering to fill gas tanks or have food and what not on hand. Do city folks not knew the basic rules like fill the tank PRIOR to these types of things..Plenty of warning was given. Do not burn the bbq inside, take your food out of the fridge and outside ( as it is colder out there you know) and do not eat any food that has been in a warm fridge. UGH!!GRR!
The state has had over a 100 people treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. I feel bad for the guy that died with the generator going in his house total over a million people were out of power at the height of the wind storm damage. And these folks are just not farm fairy tough. Maybe I should give classes on common sense during a power outages and how to survive in relative comfort. Okay my soap box is free for others.

They too found one of the three hikers on Mt. Hood Oregon...He died and the searchers are still calling the search for the other two a rescue the searchers and they families in your thoughts and prayers while you finish your shopping today.

On other news Hubby is cold the high being 26 today. The winds died down after freezing all the guys on the dam. Work is returning to normal for a bit anyway. He still does not know if they will get off work on Friday or Saturday. He did say he they are returning to overtime the day after Christmas, which means that hubby would have to leave at 2pm on Christmas day. I thought I heard him tell me he was taking the day after off and would not leave until Tuesday. We had talked about a whole week off...Wishful thinking maybe?

We did speak of finally taking a honeymoon...I said I would like to go to Yellowstone Park...Yes in the dead of winter...I will be looking into that today. Iam not sure if rates go up out there. Anyway hubby has never been there and I have been 4 times, never in the winter though. Wish me luck.

Alright now I have loads to do fix hotwire fencing, fix shelters get grain and a few other things in Mt. Vernon. Have a really good day, stay safe and warm out there. Hope Inkling did not get slammed with the rain storm that looked as if it was heading her way. Grace, sorry you are sick, feel better soon. Farmwife, I am so sorry about baby girl... I have had ear troubles all my life e en now I had ear infection. No fun and the pain is like no other. Poor thing!

I too heard that there is a very smelly dog out there in the Delta area...I am just glad hubby does not have smellaphone!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, dear, she's on the mend. Picking fights with little brothers, covering her face with sticker bits, playing her toy banjo...

Here's to Honeymoons!!! Husband has always wanted to go to Yellowstone. Maybe someday...