Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa,

I hope you have had a good year writing in regards to the list... Yes the naughty or nice list you have been keeping. I know it is just a few days before the big day, but I think you might need some help at this time. And I'm here to give you a hand and yes ask for a few things too.

First there are several people that you should flag on your list. These folks should be put on the naughty list forever. The bone head who stole Don Ely's flag. The guy up north in Victoria for his less then stellar Santa display of poor Saint Nick on a cross was just wrong, very wrong. The next person is the creeps who stole the Salvation Army bucket in Everett full of money for the needy. You know who they are. I will have my friends help you with this list too okay?

Now for the good list....The lady I saw today slip two one hundred dollar bills into another Salvation army bucket. All the men who married my friends like Ang, Inkling ,Grace and our sweet lovely preggers farm girl. Believe me if those men are like my hubby they deserve far more than we can hope to give them. We are a challenged lot. We would like to add Ang's friend up north, and her son Mighty Max.

Now if I may my personal list:

I would like more folks to have grace and kindness, less hate, less anger and less revenge. I too would like to see more kind smiles. A twinkle in the eye is as kind as a card you know. I'd like to be able to see good win over evil. I'd like you to mend the hearts that are heavy because they have lost a loved one. For those who do not trust to find trust and faith. To give light to those who find only darkness. Forgive those who have not found the true spirit of this holiday. And most of all I'd like to give the world a hug...And a kind and gentle word...May peace find you everyday......

Love Always,
Your little Farm fairy


Anonymous said...

It's been a crazy day and it was so wonderful to sit down and read this!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the humor and the heart in this post. Good one.

Anonymous said...

Husband thanks you! He really deserves to be on the nice list...especially for putting up with this "Preggers farm girl."